Netflix Subscription: If You Don’t Have One, GET ONE!

15 Mar

Let me first start by sayin that I think what the cable companies charge for internet, phone and tv service is robbery. Straight up. We don’t have a choice in communications providers because of the Reagan-era deregulation of the commications industry. It’s horseshit is what it is. These damn companies have a monopoly and who gets stuck with the bill — that’s right, you do.

What’s the average cable bill like these days? On the cheap — I’m talkin basic cable, phone and internet — you’re looking at $100 after all their taxes and fees. But you didn’t invest in a good HDTV to watch 10 channels. You want the HD, you want the digitial cable, you want the streaming internet to watch movies with, you need international service because your younger brother is studying in Asia. Well shit, get ready to fork over at least $250 bones a month. That’s a freakin car payment. So very lame so very lame.

So I’ve got the flatscreen. Call of Duty Black Ops and Lego Harry Potter are standard in my house so we’ve had the PS3 for awhile. (BTW, the PS3 is the BEST Blu-ray player on the market. I’m not kidding. Check it out).  Fuck cable. Cable was originally invented because since you are paying for the service THEN there are less commericals to deal with. Well I don’t know about you but now all the premium cable channels have enough commercials to make your eyes bleed. I already had a Netflix subscription and then my friend, Chef Ken, told me about streaming.

I’m talking Netflix has got everything from History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, HGTV, ABC Family, Fox, and Comedy Central shows as well as the latest movies and a few awesome throwbacks. Right now it costs $7.99 a month just to have streaming, and $2 more if you want to receive DVDs too. Doesn’t $10 a month make more sense than an overpriced cable bill?

The fact of the matter is that there is no longer a need for cable. Why the eff am I going to pay out the ass for cable when I can get Netflix which is 500% cheaper and THERE ARE NO COMMERCIALS. All commericals do is solicit you, your kids, even your pets to buy or eat crap. The amount of fast food commericals during Family Guy is sickening. What Netflix allows you to do is to make a conscious decision on what you are going to watch instead of allowing TV to dictate what you will watch. Do you ever find yourself up at 3AM asking yourself, ‘Why am I watching this garbage?’ At least now when you’re up at 3AM you’ll have the answer to that question already: “Because I love “An Affair to Remember”….”, etc, etc…

Netflix streaming will work with any gaming system (Wii, Xbox, PS3) and just about every Blu-ray player on the market now has streaming with Netflix. You’ll see the little red Netflix logo on the box. And honestly, DVDs are a dying art. Everything will be digital in a couple years. Why do you think Blockbuster just went Chapter 11? Your money is better spent investing in something that won’t become a dinosaur in the next five years so do yourself the favor and pay a little extra for streaming capabilites.

The one drawback is that Cox communications is shanking me for $50 every month for internet so I can get this Netflix streaming. Can someone tell me how a family is supposed to afford 50 bones for the effin internet when it fills up half their gas tank or feeds them for a few days? It’s horseshit.



If you want to check out Netflix, their subscription options and how bangin they really are



“It pains me physically to see a woman victimized, rendered pathetic, by fashion.” – Yves Saint Laurent

7 Nov

I had my first trip to the famous Cherry Creek Mall in Denver yesterday.  The thing that has always got to me when visiting a mall is how inadequate I end up feeling: am I wearing the right clothes? Do these shoes look right?Do I look put together enough? Every store window and display takes dead aim and catches me in the crosshairs.

 After walking up and down the mall what I am left with is a nagging sense of not good enough — that what I have now is nothing compared to what I could have. The end-product of this destructive way of thinking goes something like this: that slightly overweight girl squeezing herself into her Seven Jeans with her Juicy handbag, enough makeup caked on to stop a mack truck, stinking of Ralph Lauren’s latest Gen-Now fragrance, and her Snooki poof. At first glance it seems like she’s so well put together, that is of course until you’re right next to her choking on her perfume and realizing she was good from far away but far from good.

Malls across the country sell that inadequacy: hook, line, and sinker. Because it is only when we perceive that we are lacking that we are willing to shell out dough to make ourselves “better.”

What killed me the most was stores like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Restoration Hardware: selling a lifestyle at ridiculous prices. Most of the things in those stores could be found at an antique or thrift store. Instead you can buy some mismatched coffee mugs for $12 each and now you’re bohemian and cool. I am pretty sure my parents did this but they got the mugs at the Salvation Army. The most outrageous was a $42 door knob at Anthropologie. Yes, it was a replica of an antique but I’m pretty sure you could find an actual antique door knob for a whole lot less. It dawned on me that stores such as these are selling the recessionista / thrift store chic lifestyle at exorbitant prices. The effed up thing is that people actually pay for it.

I’ve been settling into the New Minimalism quite nicely: there’s a challenge to get down everything you own to about 100 items. (I would say “clothes” represent one collective item on the list — just try to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year and aren’t going to!) Never in all my life did I imagine how freeing it would be to get rid of all that unnecessary stuff.  There are a good many people, often in your own friend and family circles, who cling to what they own, to their “things”. There’s some sort of comfort that comes from being surrounded by one’s “things”, that’s true. But at what point do those things end up owning us instead of us owning them?

As a nation we are addicted to our things — yet  we live in a society where we believe we are rich and free when neither is true. We are undeniable fashion victims. In America, we WORK more than any other nation — how often have you heard about the joys of working in Europe: with a few hours off in the middle of the day to enjoy? I am reminded of the gate of the concentration camp Auschwitz, “Work Make You Free.”  And we all are aware that freedom itself isn’t free.The freedoms we enjoy have come at the high price of the very lives of brave Americans throughout our history. The truth is we are enslaved by what we own or what we want to own, and most certainly by public image (making sure everyone else knows how much we have).

Stores like Anthropologie aren’t selling rebellion as they’d like for you to believe — they’re selling fashion; fashion disguised as anti-establishment, stickin-it-to-the-man, we’re-not-gonna-take-it  nonconformity. Fashion destroyed the punk movement in the 80s and it is destroying hipsters in present day. Allen Ginsberg was right, “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness …dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix.”  For us, it the cultural marketing phenomena that is meant to fill us with a nagging sense of inadequacy —  and our fix is purchasing a lifestyle that tricks you into thinking you’re a rebel. That’s not rebellion, that’s just fashion.

Coupon Grumblings and Grooligans

13 Oct

With the last paper towel used just yesterday it was time to make that big trip to Target. You know, the one you’ve been putting off because of how much crap you’re going to have to schlep from the car to your front door? Mm-hm, I had a  lot to get. Who knew I could get 34lbs of Scoopaway Cat Litter for $11.67. I then of course asked myself who the eff wants 34lbs of cat litter for just one cat anyway? BTW, I love the Mulberry for Target line. They’ve got a great pink leopard purse that would match my phone but for $49.99 on something that looks like plastic, well Mulberry for Target you can suck it.  The other purses in the collection, the boring ol’ black, grey and brown were high in quality however. Boo.

My point of this Target trip is that I had a list and I had coupons for what was on the list.

“Coupons, seriously?” I see you doubtful little recessionistas saying to yourselves,”I wouldn’t be caught dead using … ugh.. coupons.”

Apparently my cashier today at Target took the same smug little attitude when I told her I had coupons. The look on her face was priceless.

I’ve come into a collection of coupons by way of The Denver Post which I had never anticipated subscribing to until a guy from El Cajon reminisced  about the good ol’ days back when both used to live in So Cal then moved to Boulder, making certain to include how he can’t get any other job right now and has four kids. Shit, sign me up, right? So for $22  I now have a Sunday paper each week.

So I’ve been using my Sundays only subscription to my benefit: comics and coupons. It’s quite relaxing to have a latte and peruse over the coupons. It gets one to actually thinking about what we buy, how we consume … oft not considered in these days of go go go just buy the first thing on the shelf and get out of the store and onto the next thing!

Or maybe the blossoming 19 year old’s smug look was that she considered using coupons something “poor” people do,  the unmentionable “have not’s” so to speak.  This is the problem with poverty is that nobody wants to talk about it here in America. We’re fine talking about that Third World nation, but the fact is that nearly 1 in 7 Americans, that’s 40 million folks, live in poverty. The good news is we are built on a foundation of American values in which the son of a poor farmer can grow up and become president. (Thank you, Mr. Lincoln). Above all else, as Americans, we’re certainly resourceful that’s for sure.

The Great Depression taught our grandparents how to make something out of nothing. My little Italian Nanny saved aluminum foil. My Pop would save the little slivers of bar soap to make handsoap. I’m sure every one knows a member of the golden generation who has some sort of similar practice deemed “old fashioned” by the baby boomer and gen x’ers. For me, my grandparents always had coupons. We had a list and coupons. Done and done.

This “old-fashioned” way of doing things enables us to consider and re-consider the choices we make as a consumer, which in this capitalist economy, just might be the only real power of citizenship we have left. When I choose organic milk over milk with well, I-just-dont-know-what-sort-of-animal-injected-with-god-knows-what-stuff- is in the cheaper milk; the milk companies listen to their customers. As a consumer, we have the power to change what we see and more importantly, what we don’t see on our store shelves. Companies give incentives to buy things through BING — yes, a coupon. If I can save $3 on a Venus Embrace Razor, damn straight I’m going to do it.

Please Note: Be wary of choosing something merely for the coupon: the product may be of a lesser quality, another brand may be cheaper, and / or you may only buy it because you don’t need it but … yes, have a coupon. Be realistic. Use coupons that are on things you regularly use … or a new product that you’ve wanted to use but haven’t tried because of the new high price tag too. Sometimes in an effort to promote a new product companies offer coupons as an incentive as well.

 And beward of becoming a Grooligan:

1. Grooligan
A person or group of people who respond to a discount deal … and display rude or unruly behavior when they visit the local business that created the promotion. Similar to hooligan, the grooligan looks for the cheapest deal then crashes the local establishment with or without other grooligans expecting to be treated like a preferred customer while paying almost nothing. Alternate spelling: Grouligan
Don’t run that Groupon promo for the game dude, you will only get Grooligans in your bar.



That’s how much I saved today using coupons at Target for items on my list. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much. Maybe a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a manicure? Doing this every time I have to make a trip to Target for the staples: about an extra $200 in my pocket every year. I’m so going to Disneyland.

SO recessionistas, I say, let your cashiers grumble when you pull those little golden tickets out of your wallet!! You can sit and think of them fondly while sipping on your Pumpkin Spice Latte and clipping those coupons on Sunday.


Give Me an ‘Effing Break, Neiman Marcus.

22 Sep

Imagine my surprise while wading through the mail today to find a Neiman Marcus “Fall Sale” (and in much much smaller letters: “& Special Values”. Opening page reads “FALL IN LOVE” and again, in much smaller letters “With the best of fall at special values and great savings.”

Give me an effin break, Neiman Marcus. The very sound of that store’s name brings up a wealth of images of women shopping in white gloves, Louis XV style chairs in spacious fitting rooms, dragon ladies whose nose is so high in the air it’s a wonder they can walk. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for Neiman Marcus it’s called Fifth Avenue; there is a time for Neiman Marcus. It’s called the past.

More and more I have been asking myself how department stores such as these are even staying afloat in this economy. Honestly, if Macy’s has just one more “exclusive” ONE DAY sale — so exclusive they do it every week — getting mighty tired of seeing those commercials every 2 seconds. Apparently Neiman Marcus has had to “lower” (don’t make me laugh!) their prices in order to compete in an economy where people just don’t have the money (or willingness to spend the money) on “luxury” brands or items. In the 30s and 40s Neiman Marcus HAD to carry less expensive clothing lines because of the Great Depression and following war years. Neiman Marcus, it’s time to get a little more hip. A hundred bucks off a $250 pair of pants that looks like you could get at Kohl’s for $34.99 –puh leeze.

Luxury department chains like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms are trying to maintain a sense of customer service that is full of nostalgia. Certainly we all love hearing the stories of the days of yore when ladies wore dresses, fashionable hats, and pristine white gloves to go shop at the regal department stores downtown. Stores like that gave hope to the people suffering at the hands of the Depression — it was a reminder of what America once was and could be again. My grandmother would often reminisce about Sunday outtings down to John Wanamaker in Center City Philadelphia. Her father was a chauffer, and she often recounted the story of when he drove she and her best friend Marie Lou Ellen down to Wanamakers. He drove a large Packard and when they pulled up to the curb, everyone on the street had turned to look as this was the Depression and no one had a car that fine; seeing one was something special. Her father, true to form, exited and opened the door for Gran and her gal. As he bent over to help them out of the car he said, quite loudly, “Now get the hell out!” Everyone on the street gasped. What a gas!

With the advent of urban / suburban sprawl and malls so large people take their vacations just to visit them, the magic of such luxury department stores has begun to go the way of all things. There’s a Nordstroms or Macys in just about every mall you go to. I find them nearly impossible to navigate: I am pretty sure they do that so you’ll be forced to stay in the store longer and look at their crap. Much like casinos do so you’ll play their craps. These stores just don’t hold the same sort of magic they once did. Why I am going to pay $49.50 for a bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren when I can go to TJ Maxx and get it for $19.95. Why go to Macy’s for 1000 count sheets when you can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond which has a larger selection and more color choices (and probably a better price)?

 Ednam Woolman Chase was the editor of Vogue in 1936. And if we’ve learned anything from Anna Wintour, this possition is the seat of absolute authority in fashion. Edna once said, “I dreamed all of my life of the perfect store for women. Then I saw Neiman Marcus, and my dream came true.” A mythical testament to the sway and eminence once held by luxury department stores. And while I am a sucker for nostalgia, I live in reality: right here in good ol’ twenty ten.  I too have dreamed of that perfect store … but I’m pretty sure it’s called Target.

Gimme $50 bucks & I’ll Give You a Bathroom

15 Sep

Now we all know that my husband hates pink and refuses to let me decorate with it. Welcome to my new chocolate and pink bathroom! (He’s going to use this as a bargaining chip for having his own bathroom, a “MAN” bathroom). I found absolutely everything for this bathroom at Marshalls. Here’s a little Marshalls inside tip — check the back of the aisles for clearance items (this is also true for Target actually). I got my entire bathroom there and you’re going to be super jealous when you see how much I paid.

The Peri Pop Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain

This 100% cotton, 72 x 72″ shower curtain was a little gem I found on one of those back shelves in Marshalls. Right now you can buy this exact shower curtain for $31.99 at The Decorating Warehouse or a variation of the color scheme for $19.99 at Certainly you’re saying to yourself, well those are both pretty cheap, but allow the recessionista in you to emerge: I got this shower curtain for $7.

Shut up, right?

For the shower accoutrements, get your cute little butt over to Walmart. Shower hooks will run you anywhere from $5 – $8 — and they’re actually nice hooks not lame plasticky ones. They also have a good selection of shower rods and plastic liners — I grabbed my white liner at the cost of $3.

I know you are thinking how corporate monster-like and bad for the environment Walmart is. But before you go doubting my authority as a real recessionista, check out what Yahoo! Financiere Catherine Holahan has to say about What To Buy and What Not to Buy at Walmart. Walmart isn’t all bad and when you’ve got a family to feed, low prices can mean all the difference. 

Tommy Hilfiger Bath Sheets in Positano Pink

These are what make the bathroom really pop! I got these large bath towels for $4.50 a piece. On they’ll run you $29.99 for both plus $2.95 shipping. I couldn’t even find the matching washcloths which cost me $5 for two, and the hand towel for $1.50.

 Peri Pop Stripe Bath Ensemble

I acquired the matching tumbler, toothbrush holder and q-tip container for $3 per piece — a grand total of $9 to match the shower curtain. I found a chocolate bath math for $7 as well. I go through a lot of washcloths so I found this matching pink stack (it’s on the back of the latrine!) for $4.99 at Marshalls. The soap dispenser and candle were from Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale — which goes on the same time as Victorias’ Secret’s Semi Annual Sale in January and June each year. I stock up on hand soaps and candles when they’re 75% off because $7.50 for a freakin handsoap is highway robbery.


Tying it All Together

Naturally I needed some wall art to tie all of this together. The picture on the left I found on one of those helpful back aisle Target shelves for $4.95. It was originally $10. It works well with the color scheme and serves as a constant reminder to blossom right where I am planted each day. Anything you can use in your space that inspires you to take a moment with a deep in breath and deep out breath and appreciate being alive is always worthwhile.

Clearly, it may not be possible to copy-cat my bathroom with every item and matching detail, but the idea that you can bring something together on limited means — and to also have it look fabulous —  is a quite real and certainly an attainable possibility through a little creativity, budget-consciousness, and chutzpah*. Can’t forget the chutzpah.



*Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning supreme confidence, unbelievable gall.

I Decorated My Whole Apartment for $600. Shut up.

10 Sep

I searched Boulder far and wide for the best deals on furniture, kitchen utensils, shower curtains, beds, rugs, you name it I was on it. My blossoming love for the new Goodwill store here in town grows in leaps and bounds. I found a hand painted Italian serving platter for 99 cents. My Mom has the whole set and paid more than 99 cents that’s for sure. Savers in South Boulder is a thrift store / resale store with everything you could imagine. And the Dollar Tree is right next door so it’s really a virtual paradise for me.

I am going to paint a picture for you — more of a paint by numbers to decorating your downtown 1 bedroom for under $600. Stick with me here, it gets better.

I love to shop I don’t deny it, but those champagne tastes / beer budget issues often rear their ugly heads. But as a modern resourceful recessionista, I can’t wait for the challenge of reconciling the two.

So here’s how it’s done.

We’ll start with a few things to keep in mind BEFORE actually buying anything or decorating anything. Which is itself the first rule:

1. NO IMPULSE BUYING. Look, we’re all guilty of it. That new nail polish color you just had to have only to find it a year later on your closet floor wondering why you ever thought it was a good color in the first place. Resist the urge to buy things bc it’s cute — maybe Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a local garage sale will have the same sort of item a hell of a lot less.

2. Think of decorating your space like buying a car. You’re obviously going to be spending a fair amount of your time there, so why not make it most tranquil or a reflection of who you are. Like the decision to go with red in your kitchen (I’ve always admired women who’ve done that!). 

3. Spend some time thinking, writing down, or drawing ideas into your space. It will cut out wasteful spending and help you to access just how much room you actually have. I can’t tell you how many times I think I know a space and it turns out I’ve completely overestimated its actual size! Which often happens for urbanite recessionistas who deal with apartments the size of closets.

4. Check your loved ones’ storage spaces, garages, attics for anything they may only too willing to give. You know that pack rat couple or those grandparents whose basement is now a collection agency from every family member’s forgotten stuff? Ask if you can go poke around and get rid of some stuff — hey it might even be your old stuff! — and take it off their hands. No one wants to clean the attic / storage spot / basement on a weekend off so I’m sure they’d be much obliged if you lessened the chaos of those rarely intruded upon places. I found a great rug remnant that is currently serving as a living room carpet. Such a sweet find! I’m sure somebody has a set of old dishes that they’ve been meaning to get rid of. I got a pair of beautiful green glass goblets perfect for a Diet Hansen’s on a hot day! (Thanks, Momma!)

5. Garage sales. As if oft the case here in Boulder, chances are that when you are moving into a place, there’s lots of people moving out around the same time. They’ll be wanting to get rid of their stuff when you’re looking to get stuff. Craigslist is an excellent place for this sort of thing (keeping in mind to use your instincts when it comes to safe transactions!). Craigslist is good for not only listing items people are willing to get rid of for a rock bottom prices but it’ll will often give you a heads up to up coming garage sales in your area. I scored a great butcher block for the kitchen with a towel rail and extra storage for $20. The gal I bought it from had been using it as a tv stand in her bedroom — also a great idea!

6. Splurge on one thing for yourself that isn’t in your budget. Ok so maybe this goes against those strong recessionista instincts but let me tell you why…. when I was a fresh faced 23 year old making my first budget to live on my own my Gramma told me to always do one thing that’s just for you. Just one thing. It could be a manicure, it could be some naughty piece of cake, a pair of shoes, anything! I’ve remodeled this philosophy for when decorating your place. My “FOR ME” splurge was a $150 Breville Espresso Machine from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I did used my 20% off coupon bringing the price down a bit — and my whole intention of buying this thing was to alleviate my addiction to Starbucks which had managed to increase my waistline and decrease my bottom line. And yes, so far it’s actually worked ’cause coffee and milk are pretty cheap! (Even the good, organic kinds!)

This is just the beginning. Next week, I’ll be choosing each different living area and telling you exactly what I bought, where and for what price. Get ready, Recessionistas, I’m armed with cash and I’m seriously dangerous.

The whole point of this recessionista lifestyle is to have it all and make it look effortless. This means doing something naughty for yourself once in a while. It’s like dieting: if you try to deny yourself the things you want, you’ll end up pigging out later much to ruination of your tight abs.

Mascaras I’ve Met and Loved

10 Aug


Cumar is an Italian American slang literally meaning “cousin”, but usually refers to close friends that are like family. Cumarring is sitting around gossiping  with your best cumars. (Pronounced: koo-mar).

Today,  while cumarring with my two favorite cumar,  our topic turned to mascaras, and yes we all grabbed our makeup bags and started comparing what little gems we found that day we walked into Sephora just knowing things were about to get ugly (well, for our wallets anyway). What occurred to me is that women really do have those things they use that they just adore.

Obviously for me that’s mascara. When asked what I would bring with me to a desert island, the answer is definitely mascara (I’m not kidding). I figured why waste time reviewing mascaras I think are crap so here are some of my most honorable mentions when it comes to lush looking lashes:


Beauty Rush Mascara by Victoria’s Secret


I picked this up during one of those Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale moments while waiting in line — oh whatever it’s only $1.75 so who cares if it doesn’t work? Much to my delight this was one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used (and I’ve used A LOT). Usually a tube is $7 but also fall under Vicky’s 2 for $12 or 5 for $20 deal. It comes in a rich blacktastic, a deep indiglo, and a purply violight. It thickens really well without tons of clumps and keeps the lashes separated, an amazing feat no less. Unfortunately it is not waterproof otherwise this mascara would be perfect.I love the indiglo and violight for adding color to my lashes and really makes my baby blues pop. I love this mascara for a night out with the girls or going to a party when you know his ex-girlfriend might be there and you want to make sure you’re lookin’ smokin.

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express

For $5.57 (Walmart)  this is a real big-league mascara. Gives you fullness, lash separation and ridiculous length without a ton of product. It comes in black or brown and in a waterproof version. I prefer the washable sort as I only wear it on my upper lashes. Always use waterproof for lower lashes otherwise it will smudge so it isn’t so good for long wear. This is a volumizing mascara which increases the diameter of each lash for a lush, dramatic look. It has a patented Mega Brush and collagen formula which work together to plump lashes one by one. It’s a great pairing when using false lashes as it helps to blend your real lashes easily with the falsies; make sure to use an upward sweep from the base of the real lash to the tip of the false one for the best results.



Too Faced Lash Injection

This extreme thickening, tube building mascara is a great find that comes in a size & price to suit every girl and her mascara needs. The Mini, 0.169oz sells for $8 in Sephora stores (check those little bins of wonderful crap that you don’t need but is super cheap so you end up getting one anyway located in front of the register)and $9.50 at The Mini only comes in Pitch Black. The larger 0.45 oz comes in Pitch Black and Hot Chocolate runs from $19.50 in store to $21 on

This is a 3 dimensional formula building tiny tubes around each last with polymers that help to curl, thicken and elongate your lashes. The lash brush is called “GIANT”, specifically designed to add volume, length, and curl. Jojoba and Vitamin E in the mascara formula helps to condition your lashes preventing the breakage that leads to sparse or broken lashes. It is weather-proof, stays true, is long wearing, and smudge-proof yet is easily removable with soap and water or remover.

From a personal standpoint, this mascara is good as long as you don’t use too much. It’s like a 1 coat mascara as the application of a second coat seems to lead to clumpyness and stuck together lashes. It works well on natural lash but is a bit much for falsies. It is tube like but does smear more easily than other tube mascaras

But I have some exciting news for you! Click coupon above and bring it into JC Penney to receive a free sample of Too Faced Lash Injection. And if they’re out, you can get another custom sample of anything you like. Not too shabby.

Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof

This is the best mascara for separating lashes. This is my go-to mascara for lower lash wear. Lower lashes are usually shorter and sparser than upper lashes, so it’s important to use a mascara that can reach every last lower lash. Lash Discovery creates a soft look on lower lashes and gives a natural but lengthy look for upper lashes.

The mini-brush makes sure you get every hard to reach lash without clumps and with great length. It’s safe for contact lens wears and is hypo-allergenic. I prefer the waterproof formula but it does come in a washable one. The exclusive lash-catching mini-brush allows you to get those hard to reach lashes – from corner to corner, root to tip and the bottom, too. This is a lengthening mascara used to darken and extend the tips of lashes, making them look longer.

This mascara will run you about $6 (Walmart) so it certainly doesn’t break the bank. It only comes in black but that’s the sort of color you’d want to use to give your lashes better definition anyhow so no complaining.

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

My cumars this afternoon recommended this as the best mascara they have ever used. Kiss Me Mascara was the first to use this sort of lash tube technology. I had tried English Ideas Mega Mascara in the early 2000’s when the technology was first being developed. I needed  special mascara remover pads for this mascara and while it did stay on for days and never smeared, when I did take it off the tube of mascara usually took the lash with it. This definitely turned me off to this whole tube notion. But this afternoon all that changed.

This mascara forms water-proof “tubes” around your lashes for hold (curl) and volume, rather than painting them like regular mascaras. Once applied, the tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure (no need for remover) will slide the tiny tubes effortlessly off your lashes into your hand. Upon removal, you will actually see the tiny tubes slide into your hand!

The look of this mascara is very natural so not lots of pomp and circumstance like it’s cousin (cumar) Too Faced Lash Injection. Blinc Kiss Me Mascara has is clinically tested to be non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people in search of a mascara whose look, hold, and ease of removal is without compromise.

It comes only in Black at Sephora but is found in Medium Brown & Dark Brown (Amazon) and in Dark Purple, Dark Blue, & Dark Green on  Blinc’s website.

It’s ingredients contain special acrylates copolymers which help to form a tube that surrounds and binds to the lashes, yet slides off once saturated with lots of warm water. During application, which must be done within a 2 minute period before the mascara dries, apply one or more coats, continuing to apply until you get your desired lash look. Once set, you won’t be able to apply additional coats so it’s perfect for gals who have that 5-minutes before work to put on makeup. 

At $24 (Sephora)  it is a bit on the steep side of price, but when two cumars rave on about how much they love it, why would they lie?

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